The HTW Berlin
meets the current challenges
of our time in
numerous cooperation projects.

HTW Berlin is a partner of practice at eye level, creates dialog spaces, helps shape social transformation, and creates positive images of the future. Every year, ideas, expertise and contacts flow into more than 160 thematically wide-ranging third-party-funded projects, which are often carried out in cooperation with partners from practice.
In addition to its own projects, HTW Berlin also sees cooperation as a success factor in practice-oriented research: the four state universities in Berlin pool their research expertise in the ifaf-berlin.

#5 HTW projects — SMART-FLEX-MEMS

The project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the Central Innovation Program for SMEs, lays the foundations for new generations of sensors that are manufactured using inkjet and screen printing technology and offer support in care.
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#4 HTW projects — MR4B

In the WIR!-association MR4B, SMEs, scientists, operators and societies are working on linking Mixed-Reality-Applications and Artificial Intelligence for use at work.
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#3 HTW projects — Digital Plus

Experts of the University of Applied Sciences Berlin analyze the need of digitalization of processes of Berlin based SME. The offers include information events, workshops and state-of-the-art publications.
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#2 HTW projects — Innovationswerkstatt

The Innovationswerkstatt Schöneweide is a cooperation platform of the Uni-versity of Applied Sciences Berlin for SME that are implementing projects together in interdisciplinary teams of students.
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#1 HTW projects — Mieterstrom Plus

By March 2022 the University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the Berlin School of Economics and Law want to develop together with cooperations partners suggestions on how the political framework for photovoltaics in cities can be improved.
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